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Soy Un Perdedor









The Kitsune sat upon seeing him motion. Her donut was in her mouth, coffee in her hand as she pulled out the chair. She set down the cup of coffee, pulling away the donut as she took a bite. It wasn’t any particularly special flavor, as the cafe seemed to offer many that…

The Kitsune continued to stir the coffee with her claw, her eyes locked on his, intent on his speech patterns. She was still taking mental notes, on everything he was saying. Her ears flickered every once in a while, showing interest.

His timidness drew her closer to wanting to know more about him. She always liked people who were shy, they brought out the dominant nature in her. Her pupils grew thicker, then thinner, the slit still locked on his. The way he shyed away, didn’t look at her, it was disrespectful.

A deity like her deserved better.

She was breaking off small pieces of the donut, taking little bites. Her tail was still swaying left and right, though it was slowing down. Her ears went from their perked up stance, to folded down.

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i wanna lie on the floor and not think for a month or two.

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Send me one of these in my ask and I’ll write a drabble about my character in accordance to that word!


  1. Faith
  2. Hope
  3. Wrath
  4. Love
  5. Acceptance
  6. Denial
  7. Rejection
  8. Emptiness
  9. Loss
  10. Gift
  11. Family
  12. Breathe
  13. Run
  14. Fear
  15. Will
  16. Sanity
  17. War
  18. Happiness
  19. Serenity
  20. Magical/Magic
  21. Silence
  22. Speak
  23. Sheets
  24. Music/Song
  25. Shadow
  26. Light
  27. Cry
  28. Flowers
  29. Grave
  30. Space/Cosmos
  31. Shatter
  32. Healing
  33. Dreams
  34. Nightmares
  35. Breathlessness
  36. Flight
  37. Enemy
  38. Snow
  39. Reach
  40. Fall
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Send me a number between 1-57 and I’ll reply with that starter. Don’t check! (Next to Normal edition)
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Little Dragon - Klapp Klapp

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